Catherine Peterson
Benji LOVES his picture and it looks so nice in his room. He asks me to tell him all the letters and the animals that make them every night as part of his bedtime routine–no exaggeration.
Maggie Duinker
Ten years ago I participated in an online auction and purchased a baby name-plate to be created by Fran. At that time we were expecting our first grandchild and it seemed like a perfect gift. His birth changed our lives and the beautiful name-plate was perfect. Little did we realize that we were beginning a new family tradition and now, 8 grandchildren later, these beautiful pieces of art continue to grace the bedroom walls of our growing family. Each is personal and very special.
Aaron and Julie
Wow, thank you so much for “Hannah”. The fun, colourful and playful images of different people (and different kinds of people) will add wonderful uniqueness to her room. Your art will be a part of what Hannah sees when she wakes every morning, and contribute to her dream as she drifts off to sleep. You’ve given all of us such a unique gift. Her room would not be the same without you. Thank you.
Luke Smith
When my twin nephews were born (making me an uncle for the first time), I knew Fran’s work would be perfect as a gift for their whole family. With the newborns’ parents being big sports fan (Boston teams, to be exact), Fran dug in and incorporated colours and sport references beautifully. Each letter pops to life in its own special way, creating a story within the names — a story that will surely be gazed upon with piqued interest in months and years to come. These two framed pieces hang proudly in the kids' room, right next to their little jerseys. Thank you, Fran!
Stephen Smith
It’s a keepsake, a forever gift... I have bought Baby Names for many friends and family members over the years, and my parents gifted each of my children one. They are prominently displayed in their bedrooms and will always be something they can cherish. The [gifts] will bring out joyful memories of their childhood as they get older. The whimsical nature of the artwork is perfect. It adds joy and levity to their rooms. The detail and artistry are wonderful, and the closer you get to the piece of art, the more you realize how fun and interesting it is. Fran is incredibly talented, and she also is extremely professional, responsive, and conscientious. She engages with her clients and wants to create what the client wants, not what she wants. Fran listens to her clients, and then executes their vision with passion, skill, and detail.